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ASI Tips Of The Trade

Welcome to ASI's Tips of the Trade. ASI offers short, ready to view videos with tips for common electrical application concerns. Not only will you learn easy ways to save your control panel by wiring a fuse correctly, but also how to save space and money.

ASI offers over 15,000 products which address everyday issues like adding an extra AC power outlet at your panel or freeing up DIN rail space by using multilevel terminal blocks or how our cost effective premium compact power supplies will run cooler and last longer. ASI understands that you need a reliable quality product. Let us show you how we are there for you.

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Ground Circuit Terminal Blocks
Ground terminal blocks lock mechanically to the DIN rail with either a screw lock system or Snap-on metal foot. Once properly positioned, the grounding terminal block stabilizes the DIN rail assembly.
Multiple Level Terminal Blocks
ASI's Multiple Level Terminal Blocks that can save you 50 to 75% of the space in your equipment or on your panel.
How to Fuse a Control Circuit
ASI DIN rail double level Fuse Terminal Block features standard feed through wiring on the lower level and fuse holder connectivity on the upper level. This multi-function Fuse Holder Terminal Block saves you time, money and space.
How to Save Space and Easily Open a Control Circuit
ASI Double Level Circuit Disconnect Terminal Block conveniently offers two terminal blocks for the price of one. The lower level features a feed through circuit while the upper level has offers a circuit disconnect on top.
Terminal Blocks for Crimp Ring and Fork Terminals
ASI has married the concept of modular terminal blocks to the need of wires equipped with terminals and we offer a choice. With our popular ASIST series as you can see here you have the benefit of a modular DIN rail mounted terminal block that reliably accepts the wire with the terminal.
Shorting Terminal Blocks in CT Circuits
One of the several different options that ASI has for test and measurement circuits, specifically CT circuits
Universal vs. Type Specific Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
Thermocouple terminal blocks are application specific terminal blocks that are used in your panel to wire up to J, K, T or other types of thermocouples and their extension wire.


DIN Rail Mounted AC Outlets
The ASI AC outlet has been designed with a double level terminal block for the AC input wiring. The screw clamp wiring along with the easily recognizable labeling on the terminal blocks makes it quick, easy and accurate to wire.


Adding Electronic Components to Interface Modules
How to very easily add a dropping resistor, blocking diode, MOV or other electronic component to your circuit when using a connector interface module.
24 Vdc Power Distribution Module
ASI provides an easy way to distribute 24 Vdc power from one of the popular 24 Vdc ASI Power Supplies.


Wire to Wire Screw and Spring Clamp Connectors
With the introduction of the NEW ASI Screw Clamp and Spring Clamp Pin Connectors you can now apply connectors with nothing more than a screw driver.


Sensor Signal Converter
ASI Sensor Logic Inverter can mean the difference between getting your equipment or system up and running immediately or waiting hours or days until you get the correct sensor.


Turning 1 Switch Position Into 2 or 3
Turns a Single switch into a Double without taking any more space on your panel.


Limit Switches
When it comes to limit switches, both standard and safety limit switches, no other limit switch on the market comes close to the NEW innovative ASI design.


Saving Space with DIN Rail Circuit Breakers
One of the most popular products used in a panel are circuit breakers and today I want to talk to you about an option that you have with ASI that can save you about 30% of the space.


Surge Suppression Terminal Blocks
How to protect a control circuit from surge voltages caused by transients or over voltages.
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