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Rolly3000 High Speed Cable and Wire Marker
Thermal Printer System

The Rolly3000 industrial thermal printer is a high volume, high speed thermal printing system for cable and wire labels, markers and tags. The Rolly3000 wire label printer can also print panel labels, legend plates, and nameplates that come in a flexible reel format with up to 1700 labels or continuous strip per reel. It also is a heat shrink cable tubing printer.

With printing speeds up to 1,000 tags or labels in less than 2 minutes the Rolly3000 industrial label printer can print up to 140,000 tags with just one ribbon. 300dpi printing resolution allows for printing high visible fonts, schematics, logos or symbols. For this industrial thermal printer, ribbons are available in several colors so that you can print the white or yellow labels, markers or tags in color. An optional cutter is available that mounts directly to the Rolly3000 wire label printer for automatic cutting of wire labels and markers on the continuous strip material.

This industrial thermal printer and wire label printer is shipped with easy to use Plug and Play software that simplifies setup and operation. Files from many different programs such as .txt, .dbf, .xls and EPLAN can be imported so that importing of data can be automated and accurate.

Printing on the cable and wire markers and tags has been tested against aging, UV, chemicals, abrasion and salt spray to ensure that it remains permanent and legible at all times.

The Rolly3000 industrial thermal printer can print the following labels and legend plates:

  • Wire labels, markers and tags
  • Cable labels, markers and tags
  • Large ID tags for cables, conduit, hoses and tubing
  • Flexible Wraparound Adhesive wire and cable markers
  • Flexible panel legend plates and strips
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Continuous strip cut-to-length labels
  • Heat Shrink Cable Tubing

Check out the Rolly3000 wire label printer if you require an easy to setup, easy to operate, reliable thermal printer for high volume, high speed requirements for cable and wire markers. Used alongside the MarkinGenius MG3 thermal printer, these two printers will cover all of the print applications you will come across for industrial labeling.

Rolly3000The ROLLY3000 is the Revolution in High Volume Industrial Printing Systems.

Boasting output speeds of 1,000 cable tags in less than 2 minutes, the ROLLY3000 wire label printer is a robust solution for printing wire markers and labels including:

The ROLLY3000 industrial thermal printer can print in 300dpi, print 140,000 4x10mm tags on a single ribbon, and prints 1,000 cable tags in under 2 minutes.

This is Truly the high speed option for high demand environments.

When compared to other High Volume printers, the ROLLY3000 can cost 20-30% less to own and operate over the life of the machine.  Now we have made it easier to own with our 2 purchase options.

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  • Rolly3000 prints on cable tags for holders, tie on, wrap around cable markers, legend strips and label
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Thermal Transfer Printer for Roll Media, Shrink Wrap Tubing, Cable Tag Holders, Tie On, Wraparound Cable Markers, Legends and Labels 
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